Locus: AT1G53310
Date last modified    2013-02-11
TAIR Accession    Locus:2009600
Representative Gene Model (?)   
Gene Model Type    protein_coding
Other names:   
Description (?)   Encodes one of four Arabidopsis phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase proteins.
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Annotations (?)  
category   relationship type (?)   keyword (?)
GO Biological Process   involved in   Golgi organization, carbon fixation, cellular response to phosphate starvation, glycolysis, hyperosmotic response, protein tetramerization, response to cadmium ion, response to fructose stimulus, response to glucose stimulus, response to salt stress, response to sucrose stimulus, response to temperature stimulus, tricarboxylic acid cycle, water transport
GO Biological Process   is not regulated by   response to water deprivation
GO Cellular Component   located in   apoplast, cytoplasm, cytosol
GO Molecular Function   functions in   protein binding
GO Molecular Function   has   catalytic activity, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity
Growth and Developmental Stages   expressed during   4 anthesis stage, 4 leaf senescence stage, C globular stage, D bilateral stage, E expanded cotyledon stage, F mature embryo stage, LP.02 two leaves visible stage, LP.04 four leaves visible stage, LP.06 six leaves visible stage, LP.08 eight leaves visible stage, LP.10 ten leaves visible stage, LP.12 twelve leaves visible stage, petal differentiation and expansion stage
Plant structure   expressed in   carpel, cauline leaf, collective leaf structure, cotyledon, cultured plant cell, flower, fruit, guard cell, hypocotyl, inflorescence meristem, leaf apex, leaf lamina base, pedicel, petal, petiole, plant embryo, pollen, root, rosette leaf, seed, sepal, shoot apex, shoot system, stamen, stem, vascular leaf
Annotation Detail
RNA Data  
Two-channel Arrays  
array element
name (?)
avg. log ratio
(std. error)
avg. intensity
(std. error)
spot history
159H2 0.013 (0.028) 4397.922 (140.601) Viewer   142389
190A20 -0.009 (0.019) 5795.71 (162.296) Viewer   140288
64E6 -0.026 (0.028) 4352.141 (142.811) Viewer   138767
One-channel Arrays  
array element
name (?)
avg. signal
intensity (std. error)
avg. signal
percentile (std. error)
260590_AT 956.551 (13.952) 92.312 (0.143)
Associated Transcripts (?)  
type number associated
EST ( 132 )
cDNA ( 5 )
Chromosome   1
Nucleotide Sequence (?)   full length CDS   full length cDNA   full length genomic
Protein Data (?)  
name   length(aa)   molecular weight   isoelectric point   domains( # of domains)
AT1G53310.1    967    110284.9    5.9348    Pyruvate/Phosphoenolpyruvate kinase:IPR015813(2)
                Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, active site:IPR018129(2)
                Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase:IPR021135(8)
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
1 AGI nuc_sequence 19884027 - 19888276 bp reverse   details
1 F12M16 assembly_unit 82932 - 87181 bp reverse
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Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   polymorphism site   allele type (?)
GK-871G09-026083   insertion   exon   unknown
MASC08971   substitution   coding_region   unknown
ossowski_1136494   insertion   intron   unknown
ossowski_1136496   insertion   3'UTR   unknown
ossowski_1136496   insertion   intron   unknown
ossowski_1136497   insertion   promoter   unknown
ossowski_1185110   deletion   3'UTR   unknown
ossowski_1185110   deletion   intron   unknown
ossowski_1185111   deletion   promoter   unknown
ossowski_171583   substitution   5'UTR   unknown
ossowski_171584   substitution   5'UTR   unknown
ossowski_171586   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_171587   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_171589   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_171590   substitution   intron   unknown
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name   polymorphisms   background   stock name   select
SALK_001081   SALK_001081     SALK_001081  
None available  
phenotypes (?)

SALK_001806   SALK_001806     SALK_001806   not available
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_031521   SALK_031521     SALK_031521  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_033822   SALK_033822     SALK_033822  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_070605   SALK_070605.56.00.x     SALK_070605   not available
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_088836   SALK_088836.37.15.x     SALK_088836  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_106414   SALK_106414.23.50.x     SALK_106414  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

CS483601   GK-871G09-026083     CS483601   not available
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_001806C   SALK_001806     SALK_001806C  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

SALK_070605C   SALK_070605.56.00.x     SALK_070605C  
None available  
phenotypes (?)
None available

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Attribution (?)  
type     name     date
submitted_by     Joseph Ecker     06/24/2002
submitted_by     SSP Consortium: Salk, Stanford, PGEC     06/24/2002
name     author name     date
Functional Genomic Characterization Effort     Joseph R. Ecker     06/24/2002
Functional Genomic Characterization Effort     Ecker/Davis/Theologis Salk/Stanford/PGEC Consortium     06/24/2002
Functional Genomic Characterization Effort     Joseph R. Ecker     06/24/2002
Publication (?)   
title     source     associated loci     date
Calcium-dependent protein kinases from Arabidopsis show substrate specificity differences in an analysis of 103 substrates     FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE     AT1G03080  AT1G03590  AT1G07110  AT1G09570  AT1G10290  AT1G15990  AT1G16860  AT1G18890  AT1G19870  AT1G20110  AT1G23080  AT1G34300  AT1G51260  AT1G52240  AT1G53310  AT1G53350  AT1G53390  AT1G59610  AT1G59870  AT1G64100  more...     2011
Characterization of bacterial-type phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase expressed in male gametophyte of higher plants     BMC PLANT BIOLOGY     AT1G07920  AT1G53310  AT1G64740  AT1G68750  AT1G78900  AT2G42600  AT3G02230  AT3G14940      2010
Functional compensation of primary and secondary metabolites by duplicate genes in Arabidopsis thaliana     MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION     AT1G01010  AT1G01030  AT1G01060  AT1G01120  AT1G01190  AT1G01280  AT1G01350  AT1G01390  AT1G01420  AT1G01430  AT1G01480  AT1G01490  AT1G01580  AT1G01590  AT1G01610  AT1G01620  AT1G01660  AT1G01670  AT1G01680  AT1G01700  more...     2010
In vivo regulatory phosphorylation of the phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase AtPPC1 in phosphate-starved Arabidopsis thaliana     BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL     AT1G08650  AT1G53310  AT3G04530      2009
Global analysis of Arabidopsis gene expression uncovers a complex array of changes impacting pathogen response and cell cycle during geminivirus infection.     PLANT PHYSIOLOGY     AT1G01010  AT1G01030  AT1G01040  AT1G01060  AT1G01080  AT1G01090  AT1G01120  AT1G01140  AT1G01190  AT1G01290  AT1G01300  AT1G01320  AT1G01340  AT1G01350  AT1G01430  AT1G01470  AT1G01550  AT1G01560  AT1G01620  AT1G01725  more...     2008
Site-Specific Phosphorylation Profiling of Arabidopsis Proteins by Mass Spectrometry and Peptide Chip Analysis.     JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH     AT1G01100  AT1G01960  AT1G03920  AT1G04700  AT1G04820  AT1G05805  AT1G06390  AT1G07110  AT1G09780  AT1G10940  AT1G11260  AT1G11360  AT1G15280  AT1G15750  AT1G16270  AT1G17210  AT1G17745  AT1G19870  AT1G21170  AT1G21630  more...     2008
Analysis of plant phosphoproteins.     ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY     AT1G53310  AT2G42600      2007
Genome-wide Analysis of the Arabidopsis Leaf Transcriptome Reveals Interaction of Phosphate and Sugar Metabolism.     PLANT PHYSIOLOGY     AT1G03495  AT1G05000  AT1G08310  AT1G13320  AT1G13750  AT1G17710  AT1G22150  AT1G22170  AT1G23110  AT1G23870  AT1G30500  AT1G32740  AT1G44900  AT1G52400  AT1G52940  AT1G53310  AT1G56600  AT1G58280  AT1G59830  AT1G61800  more...     2006
Integration of metabolite with transcript and enzyme activity profiling during diurnal cycles in Arabidopsis rosettes.     GENOME BIOLOGY     AT1G03160  AT1G12000  AT1G12240  AT1G13440  AT1G17290  AT1G20950  AT1G22650  AT1G23310  AT1G23870  AT1G24280  AT1G27680  AT1G32440  AT1G43670  AT1G47840  AT1G50460  AT1G53310  AT1G54340  AT1G55120  AT1G62660  AT1G62800  more...     2006
Isolation and characterization of a novel semi-lethal Arabidopsis thaliana mutant of gene for pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat-containing protein.     GENETICA     AT1G53310  AT1G53320  AT1G53325  AT1G53330  AT1G53345      2006
Arabidopsis phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase genes encode immunologically unrelated polypeptides and are differentially expressed in response to drought and salt stress.     PLANTA     AT1G53310  AT1G68750  AT2G42600  AT3G14940      2005
Comparative Genomics in Salt Tolerance between Arabidopsis and Arabidopsis-Related Halophyte Salt Cress Using Arabidopsis Microarray.     PLANT PHYSIOLOGY     AT1G06430  AT1G09970  AT1G14960  AT1G16850  AT1G32900  AT1G53280  AT1G53310  AT1G54010  AT1G54100  AT1G55490  AT1G56600  AT1G58270  AT1G60470  AT1G62570  AT1G63900  AT1G66280  AT1G71270  AT1G73480  AT1G78070  AT2G04030  more...     2004
Isolation and identification of phosphatidic acid targets from plants.     THE PLANT JOURNAL     AT1G17470  AT1G25490  AT1G50010  AT1G53310  AT1G60940  AT3G14940  AT4G39520      2004
Linking protein fractionation with multidimensional monolithic reversed-phase peptide chromatography/mass spectrometry enhances protein identification from complex mixtures even in the presence of abundant proteins.     RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY : RCM     AT1G01090  AT1G04410  AT1G04920  AT1G12240  AT1G12900  AT1G13440  AT1G23190  AT1G29900  AT1G32440  AT1G43670  AT1G48030  AT1G53240  AT1G53310  AT1G56190  AT1G60860  AT1G62660  AT1G64190  AT1G65930  AT1G66200  AT1G66430  more...     2004

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